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Showgirl at Heart

The life and times of a musical theatre geek

I'm pretty much a musical theatre geek who just loves the limelight. I live with my husband Ollie (english_alien) and our cat, Maisie and work as an admin support officer. I have slight tendancy to be fangirlish and obsessive over films, musicals, books and TV shows that I'm into although hopefully not irritatingly so.

If I've added you as a friend it's because I either know you or found you through a common interest (or a few common interests). Feel free to add me or ask me to remove you if I've creeped you out.

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What I've been listening to recently

24, acting, adam pascal, aerosmith, alan rickman, angel, anthony rapp, anthony stewart head, ashes to ashes, battlestar galactica, ben browder, billie piper, bon jovi, bryan adams, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack harkness, cassandra of troy, castiel, cats, charmed, chocolate, chuck, chuck bass, damon salvatore, david tennant, dci gene hunt, dean winchester, def leppard, dexter, discworld, disney, doctor who, dollhouse, dominic monaghan, donny osmond, dresden files, echo, eddie izzard, edinburgh festival fringe, elementary, eliza dushku, elphaba, eponine, faith lehane, films, frances ruffelle, frozen, glee, godspell, grantaire, grease, hairspray, harry dresden, harry potter, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, high school musical, ian somerhalder, ianto jones, idina menzel, jack bauer, james marsters, jane true, jekyll & hyde, jennifer connelly, jensen ackles, jesus christ superstar, john barrowman, john simm, johnny depp, jonas armstrong, josh holloway, karaoke, keira knightley, kelley armstrong, kerry ellis, labyrinth, lea salonga, les misérables, let it go, life on mars, lord of the rings, lost, lucy griffiths, maid marian, mark owen, meatloaf, men in eyeliner, michael ball, misha collins, moonlight, moulin rouge, much, music, musical theatre, musicals, my husband, mythology, orlando bloom, paganism, paul bettany, phantom of the opera, phoebe halliwell, pirates of the caribbean, queen, queer as folk, reading, red dwarf, rent, richard armitage, richard hammond, robbie williams, robin hood, robin williams, rock music, rocky horror show, samantha barks, scaramouche, scrubs, sex, shakespeare, shawn reaves, sherlock, singing, skins, supernatural, take that, terry pratchett, the beatles, the lancre witches, tina arena, tom hiddleston, tony vincent, top gear, torchwood, tru calling, true blood, turner syndrome, turner's syndrome, unitarianism, we will rock you, wicked, will & grace, willow rosenberg, willowen, wimbledon, witchcraft, witches of eastwick, women of the otherworld, xander harris